Diving Head First Into My Career - A Month-Long Project

Diving Head First Into My Career - A Month-Long Project

As my first month in Praxis is coming to an end, it’s time for me to start to decide which direction I want to take the very beginning of my career. This is the good thing - nothing is forever! What I decide to get good at now is only the start. I am truly hoping that I can put to use as many skills of mine as possible (by that statement you may already be guessing what I plan to specialize in).

When I begin at a startup, they will most likely need me to do an array of things, which of course I will do with a smile on my face. But that’s just it - the beauty of a startup for someone like me is that I don’t have to sit at a computer for eight hours only making spreadsheets. There is so much more that needs to be done when a business is first starting out.

There are roughly four categories of job areas that you can get into at a startup: sales, marketing, operations, and technical. Customer success/service can be seen as another category, but tends to be a boosting point into sales or operations. Now for the big reveal - I’ve decided to focus on operations with sales on the side. Here's why.

All of my life scheduling and organizing has come naturally to me. Selling what I love is awesome. Planning trips and family events make me extremely happy. Scheduling clients, employees and even my husband’s day (just kidding) also makes me very happy. Now hear me out, I know the stresses that go along with all of the above as well, but to me, the work itself outweighs the negative. I also realize that organization and planning are not nearly all that are involved in operations, which is why I’ve thought of five different project ideas to showcase my skills and challenge me.

Before I get into project ideas, I want to list five skills I hope to portray. Spoiler: None of my projects portray all five skills.

Written Communication - In the past month, I’ve truly come to enjoy writing (it may be more of a love-hate relationship. Writer’s block.... ugh). Emailing professionally and concisely has long been a skill of mine, however, blogging is new. Reports and memos that need to be sent out? I’m on it!

Drive - This skill accounts for a lot, and if we’re being honest, all of us should probably bring it to the workplace. Especially at a startup, where there is a lot to accomplish, motivation and ability to achieve goals really can come in handy.

General Understanding of Business - While all of my skills can technically fall under this category, there is so much more to know. So think of this as a skill in progress. Many things I am unaware of, that of which I would like to become aware of during the process of my project. Finance and software are my monsters that need tackling. Bring it on!

Organization/Scheduling/Planning - These are the tasks I most enjoy at work. It wouldn’t feel right to me if this skill didn’t get portrayed through the project I choose. I could definitely use a challenge in this area.

Ability to Sell - I’ve been fairly confident in my ability to sell over the last 4 years. The thing that makes me able to do it? Believing in the product! I can’t possibly sell something that I don’t believe in. Ok, maybe I could, but it wouldn’t feel good. You’ll clearly see the main sales project idea I have below, which will most likely be a side project to a separate main project.

Now, let’s get onto my project ideas!

Project One - Plan my sister’s upcoming honeymoon, comparing three alternate ways to do it.

Skills portrayed: Written, Drive, Organization, Ability to Sell. Bonus skill: Customer Service.

Details: This project by far makes me the most excited. There are few things I love more than planning a trip. With my sister’s very tight budget and honeymoon goals (all-inclusive resort in the Carribean), this project would definitely propose a large challenge. My ability to sell comes in when I am, essentially, able to sell her one of the three options.

Project Two - Interview five people who work in operations at a tech startup and write a blog post about it.

Skills portrayed: Written, Drive, Understanding of Business.

Details: This one is pretty self-explanatory - the hardest part would be figuring out which companies to target and good questions to ask.

Project Three - Become proficient at three commonly used software tools and write a blog post about it.

Skills portrayed: Written, Drive, Understanding of Business.

Details: I’m already familiar with Google Drive and Slack, but am pretty much lost when it comes to anything else. Salesforce, Excel, and Loom are probably the top three I would like to target.

Project Four - Take on a major organizational project and write a blog post about it.

Skills Portrayed: Written, Drive, Organization.

Details: I’m really not sure what this would look like. Any ideas are welcome!

Project Five - Sell as much as possible at my current job, and track it.

Skills portrayed: Drive, Ability to Sell.

Details: Keep track of all product and service sales I make at Skin Deep in December, with comission from product sales hopefully totaling over $100. I would combine this project with an additional project.

As you saw, I am most excited about project one, with project five as an add-on. Project two and three are probably my last choices. As soon as I’ve made a decision, a new blog post will be up!

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