5 Herbal Teas You Shouldn't Live Without

5 Herbal Teas You Shouldn't Live Without

Are you a coffee person? Yeah, me too. However, I also love a hot cup of tea - especially in the winter, when all you want to do is cozy up on the couch and drink something warm, but you’ve had way too much caffeine already.

This is why herbal tea (which isn’t really tea at all) is one of the best things you can buy at the store. I live 20 minutes away from the Celestial Seasonings Factory, which is very dangerous for my wallet.

Below, I’ve listed five herbal teas, benefits they can give, and a link to my favorite version - that way you can spend all your money on tea, too.


Acting as a natural digestive aid, ginger brings endless benefits to the table. It’s anti-inflammatory, can help kick a cold, and even treats nausea. The only downside for some is the spicy taste - which others (including myself) love.


Typically, I choose this to drink right before bed. Nothing feels more calming than a warm cup of chamomile tea. Along with ginger, it’s also anti-inflammatory - I notice specifically that it helps with my heartburn and allergies.


Some of you may be gagging at the thought of this, but others of us love black licorice. This type of tea is especially helpful for calming an upset stomach. I’ve also found it in many throat-coating teas, due to it’s soothing nature. You probably won’t even need to add honey - it’s naturally sweet!


Bringing an abundance of mental clarity, this flavor is a winner for almost everyone (unless you are unfortunate enough to be allergic to mint). Add a little bit of honey, and you have the perfect afternoon pick me up. Like licorice, it’s also great for soothing a stomach ache.


Increasing circulation and providing antimicrobial support makes this tea amazing for skin. It can also strengthen bones, enhance hair health, and kickstart weight loss. This explains why we see this type of tea everywhere.

The above are only a few benefits - there are truly many more for each. If you haven’t ever tried herbal tea, I challenge you to do so! Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

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Risk or Safety?

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