2 Signs It’s Time to Change Careers (And 2 Steps to Take Next)

2 Signs It’s Time to Change Careers (And 2 Steps to Take Next)

If you asked me a year ago how work was going, I would’ve said “eh.” That could mean something different for everyone, but for me, it meant this - I was bored with my career, and quite frankly, burnt out.

When I first became an Esthetician, I was constantly challenged and learning something new every day. It was scary but invigorating. However, as time went on, I started noticing signs that were telling me to do something different. So I did. Below, I’ve included two major things that happened in my life that couldn’t be ignored. They may be happening in yours, too.

You’re bored.

This is a tricky one - are you bored because you’re not trying, or are you bored because you’ve reached the “top”? If you fall into the prior category, try something new. Talk to management; create something of value that you’re proud of. Anything so that you can honestly say you gave it your best shot.

If you truly feel like you’ve grown all you can, that type of boredom can lead to depression and lack of motivation. Feeling depressed and unmotivated are serious things, and should be looked into deeply. Most likely, you’ll need to talk to somebody you trust who can speak into this specific area of your life and give solid advice.

Your manager isn’t a leader.

I consider a true leader to care genuinely about those they are leading, invest in the team and communicate regularly. Unfortunately, not all managers are leaders. Do you feel like you’re not heard? Or when you are heard, do you feel like your ideas aren’t valued? Do you feel like almost everything at work is good except your boss? That’s a bad sign - the person you directly report to shouldn’t be the downside of your job. Neither should your boss’s boss.

Now that we’ve established two signs to watch out for - what do you do when these show up in your life?


When I first became an Esthetician, I was constantly watching makeup tutorials and googling skincare ingredients. When my passions started to change, I no longer felt myself naturally wanting to learn about those things. I was googling business terms, booking my husband’s work travel and watching organizational vlogs instead.

What do you spend most of your free time on the internet researching? That is most likely going to be your new starting point on this path to career discovery.


Now, I don’t mean try to get as many interviews as possible right away… although that may come later. I mean you need to interview someone. Find somebody in the role that you think you want, and ask them about it. I knew I wanted to move into a customer service or operational role, and asked somebody in that type of position the following questions:

What does a typical day at the office look like for you task-wise?

Outside of a typical day, are there any other tasks you do occasionally?

What’s the hardest part about your job?

What do you love most about your role?

I was so pleased to hear the answers he gave lined up with my own interests and passions. I knew I had chosen the right path to head down! One of my favorite things he said was this:

“I ended up in a position with a company that I really love and support. I think meeting so many different people with different backgrounds has taught me a lot, and helped me to develop my interpersonal skills as well. In general, knowing that I’m the person people come to for help regarding our program is something that I will always love.” - Drake Powell, Customer Success at Praxis

As you consider what move to make next, just know this - you’re already ahead of hundreds who are complacently waiting for change to happen to them.

Be the change you hope to see in your career.

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