Currently, I’m diving headfirst into value creation, and will write a post encapsulating my project(s) in late March or early April. I’m also writing a series of ‘Insider’s Guides’ for Visit Fort Collins - a site dedicated to visitors of my hometown (check out the first guide here).

February 2019 - I learned more about philosophy and created four videos to recap.

January 2019 - I wrote a blog post each day.

In December 2018 - I planned my sister’s honeymoon.

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I may not be an “experienced” traveler, in the sense that I haven’t been to hundreds of places. I have, however, had an experience unique to me. Curious about where I’ve been and the stories involved? Check out my blog! You can read about my trip to Macedonia here.


Attending conferences and reading up on this matter interests me, but putting what I’ve learned into action exhilarates me! See my leadership experience on LinkedIn, and find a few of my thoughts on the matter here.

Oasis at Lake Travis, Austin TX

Oasis at Lake Travis, Austin TX